How Jacket Midsection Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Gently hugging your torso A well–tailored jacket should lightly hug your midsection and follow the curve of your back in a smooth, uninterrupted drape. There should be no pulling or bunching when you button the jacket … Continue reading

How Jacket Chest Width Should Fit

How It Should Fit: The jacket lapels should rest flat against your chest When you button the top button of your jacket, the lapels should rest smoothly and unbent on your chest. There should be no folds of excess fabric, … Continue reading

How Jacket Shoulder Width Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Slightly past your shoulder bones The shoulders of a jacket should highlight your natural silhouette with smooth, uninterrupted lines and a clean drape throughout the upper chest, upper sleeves, sleeve head, and shoulders. Whether you prefer … Continue reading

How Jacket Sleeve Length Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Above your wrists, never past the heel of your palm The Proper Cloth rule of thumb holds that a jacket sleeve should expose 0.25”- 0.50” of your dress shirt cuff for a stylish, universally appropriate look. … Continue reading

High-Quality Tailored Clothing

When choosing a suit, sport coat, or trousers, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality garment. There are several details that will help you identify a well-made tailored garment that will stand the test of trend and time. … Continue reading

How to Clean & Care for Tailored Clothing

Tailored clothing items include classic office staples, relaxed dress pieces, and formal attire. All of these garments should be cared for appropriately to ensure they stand the test of time. Professional Cleaning Dry cleaning is the recommended cleaning method for … Continue reading

Advanced Tips for Tailored Jacket Fit

When it comes to the fit of your jacket, the solutions to some common issues are tough to identify. Here’s what our experts say you should keep in mind when you’re modifying the fit of your jacket. Shoulder Width The … Continue reading