Wool Suiting Fabric Basics

Wool is the most common natural fiber used for tailored suits, jackets, and trousers. The natural properties of wool, such as its durability, breathability, odor resistance, and wrinkle resistance, make it an ideal choice for tailored clothing. Here we’ll discuss … Continue reading

What is Pant Break?

Pant or trouser “break” refers to the fold in the fabric that occurs at the bottom of the pant leg as it rests on the shoe. This fold “breaks” the clean line of the trouser drape, hence the name. The … Continue reading

How to Choose a Proper Cloth Jacket Size

Proper Cloth offers tailored jackets in a variety of sizes, based on US sizing conventions. With the introduction of Made-To-Order (MTO) tailored clothing, Proper Cloth is bridging the gap from ready-to-wear (a limited inventory of standard size garments) to custom … Continue reading