Bengal Stripe Fabrics

A bengal stripe is a particular sort of striped dress shirt fabric, most often featuring an even 1/4″ alternating stripe. It can either be a color and white or color and color stripe and sits on the bolder end of … Continue reading

Cotonifico Albini Fabric Mill

  History Founded in Bergamo, Italy in 1876, Cotonifico Albini is one of the world’s leading mills for shirting fabrics. Still family-owned to this day (5th generation), Albini produces fabrics for many of the top designer brands–you name the brand, … Continue reading

Glen Plaid Fabric

Glen Plaid fabric is a common dress shirt check pattern that features large and small plaids in the same pattern. Glen plaid is sometimes nicknamed the Prince of Wales check as the Duke of Windsor, while he was the Prince … Continue reading

Canclini Fabric Mill

The Canclini mill is one of Italy’s best and most prestigious shirting mills. Founded in 1925 near Como, Italy, the family-owned mill has produced fabrics for some of the world’s best brands including Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Prada, and Dolce & … Continue reading


Gingham is a simple, checked fabric design where vertical and horizontal stripes of equal width intersect to make a checkerboard sort of pattern. Gingham can be found in both large and small scale patterns.  Generally speaking, the larger the pattern, the more … Continue reading

Thomas Mason Fabric Mill

Thomas Mason is widely considered one of the top Italian mills for dress shirt fabrics. Founded in England over 200 years ago by the enterprising industrialist Thomas Mason, the storied mill was purchased by Italy’s Albini Group in 1992. With … Continue reading

Oxford Cloth

Oxford cloth is a very popular shirting fabric, particularly for more casual or sporty styles of dress shirts.  It’s a bit thicker than what we’d consider “fine” dress shirt fabrics, and has a hearty feel that is both durable and … Continue reading

Royal Oxford Fabric

Royal Oxford is a beautiful, flashy dress shirt fabric. It has an elaborate weave that gives it a distinctive, significant texture. It’s usually very shiny. Royal Oxford fabric is well known for its softness. Something about the weave makes the yarns … Continue reading

Broadcloth Shirt Fabrics

Broadcloth is a very popular type of dress shirt fabric. Broadcloth and Poplin are essentially the same type of fabric. Broadcloth is a very lightweight, smooth, flat looking fabric, with no pattern in the weave of the threads. It is … Continue reading

Thread Count and Ply

Thread Count If everything else is the same (weave, ply, mill, and type of cotton), higher thread count means a smoother, silkier, more expensive fabric. Thread count is often referred to with a number like 50s, 80s, 100s, 120s, 140s … Continue reading

Twill Shirt Fabrics

Twill is a beautiful fabric. It is detailed and elaborate and comes in a variety of patterns and styles. Depending on the color of the threads used and the weave variation, it can produce a diagonal or herringbone texture. Twill … Continue reading

Pinpoint Oxford Fabric

Pinpoint Oxford, commonly called just “pinpoint” for short is a very popular dress shirt fabric type. It’s both dressy and durable. It has a bit of a matte, crisp finish, though not as silky and flat (thin) as broadcloth, and definitely not as … Continue reading