Number of Buttons on Shirt Front

The number of buttons on the front of your shirt is a function of the Top Button Placement and the Shirt Length. Generally speaking, longer shirts or shirts with a higher button placement will have more shirt buttons on the … Continue reading

Top Button Placement

Proper Cloth offers the ability to adjust how high or low you’d like the first button below the shirt collar to be placed, but it may not be obvious why you would like to adjust this part of your shirt. Typically, … Continue reading

Dress Shirt Back Pleat Options

Men’s dress shirts come with one of three dress shirt back pleat options: no pleats, rear side pleats, or the center box pleat. No Back Pleats   No back pleats on the back of the shirt makes for a clean, … Continue reading

Made to Measure Dress Shirts

This article will try to help you really understand the term “Made to Measure,” also referred to as “MTM” or “M2M.” We’re not discussing suits. We’re focusing on shirts and we’re focusing on how made to measure applies to fit. … Continue reading