Mask Filters and Filter Replacements

There are different versions of our Everyday Mask, most of which have removable filters. For more information on the specifications of each version, visit this page.  Performance Masks – Sewn-In Filters Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric of … Continue reading

Face Mask Sizing

Proper Cloth’s Everyday Face Masks come in two sizes, Small and Large. Taller adults (> 5’6”) most often find the Large to be an ideal fit. Shorter adults (under 5’5”) most often find the Small to fit best. Size Large … Continue reading

The Everyday Mask: Version Specifications

Since we launched our Everyday Mask in April of 2020 we’ve made several improvements to its design. You’ll note that different versions of the mask are available on our site, identifiable by the “v1.3,” for example, in the product name. … Continue reading

The Proper Cloth Antimicrobial Finish

Our Everyday Mask and Antimicrobial Shirts are treated with a non-toxic silver-ion finish called SILVADUR™ that improves the mask’s ability to protect you from microorganisms. Here’s everything you need to know about it.  Who makes it? DuPont—a science and technology … Continue reading

The Proper Cloth Mask: Design, Fabric & Filter

Most face masks on the market are uncomfortable, ineffective, or—to be perfectly honest—unattractive. So we spent four weeks developing a mask that we’d actually want to wear. Something beautiful, comfortable, and most of all, functional. After countless iterations, we settled … Continue reading

How to Wash a Cloth Face Mask

As face masks are increasingly required in public or at new work places, we now find ourselves wearing some kind of face covering almost every day. A high quality cloth face mask can be a great alternative to disposable masks, … Continue reading

How to Care for a Cloth Face Mask

In March 2020, the CDC began recommending that “everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public” to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Seven states (and counting) have made wearing face coverings mandatory when … Continue reading