Casual Pants (14)

How to Request Casual Pants On Hold

You’ve carefully evaluated your casual pants and you’re ready to request the balance of your order. If you’re totally happy with the fit, or if you only want to make minor changes, you can go ahead … Read

How to Evaluate Your Casual Pant Fit

Waist Width How It Should Fit An optimal waist measurement should fit snug enough that the pants don’t slide down, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable. Evaluating Waist Width Be sure the waist is … Read

Proper Cloth Casual Pants: Types of Fit

Proper Cloth casual pant (chino, 5-pocket, jean, fatigue) fit options are based on both body type and style preferences. The type of fit you select will affect the room you have in the upper pant, as … Read

Proper Cloth Jogger Pants: Style & Design

Sporty, relaxed, and effortless. Our custom jogger pants feature premium construction and design details that strike the perfect balance between leisurely and smart. Choose between our Ludlow joggers, which are made from any of our classic … Read

How to Create Your Custom Jogger Pant Size

Our Ludlow and Waverly jogger pants are designed with a drawstring elastic waistband and elastic cuffs for a sporty, casual look. We think jogger-style pants look best with the elastic cuff sitting at or above the … Read

How to Request a Casual Pant Remake

We are dedicated to helping you get the perfect Casual Pant fit, and to support that we provide each customer up to two complimentary Casual Pant remakes, as well as credit for local tailoring. Click here … Read

What are 5-Pocket Pants?

The 5-pocket pant traces its origins back to the 1800s, when its functional design and reinforced construction made Levi Strauss a household name. They’re the pants you think of when you think of your favorite jeans—casual, … Read

How to Wash and Care for Casual Pants

Proper Cloth’s casual pants are a great wardrobe staple for anyone’s closet, and they’re extremely easy to care for. They’re super versatile, as they can be dressed up with a blazer or styled more casually with … Read