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MTO Jackets

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MTO Jackets

Premium made-to-order jackets made with thoughtful design details. Available with either half-canvassed or fully-canvassed construction.

The Finest Italian Fabrics

Specially woven for us by the best mills in Italy, these fabrics are as good as it gets. We sourced from four family-owned mills with over 700 years of experience between them: Vitale Barberis Canonico, E. Thomas, Reda, Comero, and Drago.

Luxurious wool/linen blends and timeless hopsacks are woven in Biella, Italy from premium Australian and New Zealand merino wool. Textured and breathable styles that wear comfortably in the warmer months.

The Bedford Jacket

The newest addition to our tailored clothing collection. Made with a special half-canvassed construction and lightly padded shoulder, it's incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Cut from easy-going wool and linen blend fabrics.

The Hudson Jacket

The crème de la crème. Featuring uncompromising fully-canvassed construction that conforms to your body and an unpadded shoulder for a remarkably comfortable wear. A breathable unlined interior and relaxed patch pockets make this an ideal warm weather jacket.

  • Lightly padded shoulder
  • Half-canvassed construction
  • Unlined Interior
  • Functional Sleeve Buttons
  • $495.00
  • Unpadded soft shoulder
  • Fully-Canvassed Construction
  • Unlined Interior
  • Functional Sleeve Buttons
  • $800.00

Made-to-Order Sizing

Our Bedford & Hudson Jackets are available in (almost) any size you can imagine.

With made-to-order sizing you can independently select a base size (from 32–64US), jacket length (regular, short, and long), and fit (slim, extra-slim, and classic). Never settle for standard sizing again.

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