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Our Seniors Need Help

One thing we’ve learned in the last month is that it’s our elderly that are most at risk of complications from Coronavirus. And while we’re all trying to stay home, unfortunately many seniors in our community are left without the means to safely get their meals.

Meals on Wheels is a charity focused on providing daily, hand-delivered meals to seniors. And with COVID-19, we need their work now more than ever.

So today, April 9th, we’re excited to support their efforts.

For every shirt, jacket, suit or pants you purchase, we’ll contribute $20 to Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund.

COVID-19 has drastically increased the number of meals needed to feed our home-bound neighbors. Last week, in NYC alone, Meals on Wheels delivered over 200,000 emergency meals to vulnerable seniors and is preparing 250,000 additional emergency meals right now. Since the beginning of this crisis, donations have helped 108 Meals on Wheels programs across the country continue to provide life-saving services to those in need.

Learn more about Meals on Wheels and their response to the Coronavirus pandemic here.