Katazome Prints

Inspired by an age-old Japanese printing technique, printed on unique textured fabrics.

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Japanese Satoyama Custom Shirts

These intricate designs are based on traditional indigo Katazome style fabrics from Japan. Originally, Katazome prints were handmade by stenciling a cloth with rice paste and then painting the cloth in natural indigo. Once the fabric was dyed, the rice paste would be rinsed away to reveal incredibly detailed prints. These prints would gain more character over time as the indigo faded.

Japanese Katazome Custom Shirts

Vintage Inspired. Intricately Detailed.

Using the vintage Japanese designs as our inspiration, we developed a collection of six beautiful styles. Each design element is formed by a series of small dots rather than sharp lines – subtle from a distance, but up close you see how intricate and sophisticated the designs are.

Thomas Mason Goldline Fabric

A Customer Favorite

“Fabric is very soft. I really like the tone of blue and the Japanese pattern is unlike most seen in stores, so it feels more like a custom shirt.” - Kris in WA

“Wow, I'm really impressed with this one. The photos don't do it justice. I rarely ever order shirts with these kinds of prints, but this one looks great.” - Jordan in PA

“This one is just great - light enough for summer wear, can wear in a totally cusual environment or dress it up a little for business casual.” - Kenneth in MI

Garment Washed

All of our Katazome Prints go through an all-new garment washing process after they're cut and sewn. This special light washing and pressing gives the a nice lived-in feel, improving the handfeel and reducing the shrinkage. It's the perfect finish for a shirt inspired by the traditional methods of years past.

Thomas Mason Goldline Fabric