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Adams Blue and Lavender Multi Check
The light blue and lavender check uses soft, beautiful colors that allow it to be dressed up or dressed down equally well. It's woven with a lightweight, super smooth 60s single-ply broadcloth that irons up to be super crisp.
From $95
Crosby White Wrinkle-Resistant Twill
Our go-to white dress shirt in the under $100 price range made to stay crisp throughout your 9-5...or whatever schedule you're on. With a fine twill construction that has a bit of shine, it feels incredibly luxurious.
From $85
Light Blue Heavy Oxford
The light blue oxford cloth button down is an absolute essential. With alternating white and blue yarns used, it has a really subtle color variation that we love.
From $85
Navy Weekend Gingham
The fabric has a nice, airy feel to it--ideal for any weather. We love the way it looks with a navy suit and navy knit tie, but also with beat up jeans on a night out.
From $85
Miles 120s Light Blue End-on-End
Lightweight and silky smooth. We specially developed this Miles end-on-end to get just the right balance between luxurious hand feel and incredible performance.
From $95
Green and Navy Large Plaid Flannel
Incredibly soft and warm--we love this medium-weight flannel quality for the colder months. The beautiful large plaid pattern works well on its own and is also great as a layer underneath a sweater or jacket. The low contrast navy and hunter green color tones give it great versatility reminiscent of the timeless blackwatch tartan.
From $95
Charles Light Blue Multi Gingham
A timeless, versatile pattern made using a smooth fine twill quality. The light blue and royal blue multi gingham is more dynamic than your standard solid gingham and works as easily under a suit as it does with a pair of jeans.
From $95
Japanese Dark Blue Chambray
Woven and dyed in Japan, this selvage chambray is the real deal. Made in small batches on shuttle looms, a technique pioneered in America but perfected by Japanese mills, the slightly uneven weave and mélange yarn gives this dark slate chambray incredible visual texture.
From $125
Morris Blue Small Check
A subtle blue box check made in our ever-popular Morris twill quality. The twill weave gives the color a very nice vibrance, and helps it to drape better and wear softer than most broadcloths.
From $95
Greenwich White Twill
Simply outstanding. One of our top reviewed fabrics, this twill drapes remarkably clean with just enough shine to give it a truly vibrant white color.
From $150
Morris Lavender Wrinkle-Resistant Houndstooth
This perfect shade of purple makes an excellent addition to any dress shirt lineup. The twill weave gives the color a very nice vibrance, and helps the shirt drape well and wear soft.
From $95
Astor 120s Blue and Hibiscus Multi Check
With a combination of unique end-on-end and houndstooth effects running throughout, it's one of our most detailed patterns. The light blue ground and hibiscus overcheck is a unique combination that's fun and upbeat, while working nicely in more professional settings.
From $95
Whistler Navy Grey and Crimson Plaid Flannel
This light weight plaid flannel can be worn throughout winter into early spring. The contrasting light grey and navy ground colors are timeless yet eye-catching, while the rich crimson overcheck adds a really nice seasonal touch to the pattern. It's made using subtle melange yarns to give the colors extra depth.
From $95
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