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Canclini White Royal Twill Fabric



Fabric Description

A slightly more pronounced diagonal texture and just a bit more shine than the White Fine Twill. This is definitely in the category of simple, classic white dress shirt - but with a particularly rich, silky smooth finish. It's definitely not too transparent, and is so gorgeous we'll easily suggest it for any formal special events, but it could also be the favorite for guys wearing suits daily. 120/2x120/2 compact yarn twill construction from Italy.


Fabric Details

4.9 on 40 Reviews

Recommended by 100%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.6

  • Performance 4.8

  • Amazing shirt. I got married in this. Soft and luxurious feel. Probably the best shirt in my closet.

    March 2018  ·  Daniel in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • One of my go-to work shirts.

    February 2018  ·  Eugenio in Brooklyn, NY

  • Elegant shirt

    June 2017  ·  Robert in Carmel, IN

  • great

    December 2016  ·  Marcus in HAVERHILL, MA

  • OK

    May 2016  ·  Stephen in Bay Village, OH

  • Great!

    March 2016  ·  Larbi in Miami Beach, FL

  • Bought this as my Wedding shirt and have no regrets. The fabric is ultra luxurious as are the Mother of Pearl buttons and the fit is impeccable. Perfect shirt for Black-Tie events

    November 2015  ·  Giuliano in Warren, NJ

  • Perfect white shirt. Very soft and crisp fabric, hands down my favorite shirt.

    October 2015  ·  Tim in San Bruno, CA

  • classic

    September 2015  ·  Jack in VIENNA, VA

  • good feel. resists shrinkage

    June 2015  ·  Owen in Bristow, VA

  • Had this made as a tux shirt, and wear it pretty regularly. Perfect fabric.

    May 2015  ·  Sam in Houston, TX

  • .

    April 2015  ·  David in Cortlandt Manor, NY

  • Great purchase for a white shirt

    March 2015  ·  Dino in Providence, RI

  • Fabric is soft and nice.

    August 2014  ·  Wes in Oakville, Ontario

  • This fabric feels very silky and has just enough pattern to set it apart.

    July 2014  ·  Don in Augusta, GA

  • great product

    June 2014  ·  David in New York, NY

  • perfect white fabric. always like the heavier twill for a white so you cant see through it as much as a broadcloth

    May 2014  ·  matthew in WASHINGTON, DC

  • Wrinkles a bit, can\'t wear more than once without cleaning.

    May 2014  ·  CLAYTON in PRINCETON, NJ

  • A very nice go-to white shirt. Can\'t go wrong with this fabric. Nice all season weight to it.

    April 2014  ·  Matthew in Saint Charles, IL

  • Awesome

    April 2014  ·  Shaunak in Raleigh, NC

  • The perfect white shirt. Makes me regret past purchases that were fare more expensive.

    March 2014  ·  Matthew in Carlsbad, CA

  • Very nice weight.

    March 2014  ·  Ian in New York, NY

  • It\'s a lovely fabric, soft to the touch and fine.

    March 2014  ·  Stephen in Los Angeles, CA

  • One of my favorite plain white twill fabrics. Very soft and light. Not a good choice for those that want a completely opaque fabric.

    February 2014  ·  Steven in Akron, OH

  • Very nice fabric.

    December 2013  ·  Alan in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Love this white. Wanted to order another today only to discover out of stock...will watch for it.

    December 2013  ·  John in Alexandria, VA

  • This fabric is fairly thick. It is good for more formal occasions.

    November 2013  ·  Greg in Parksville, British Columbia

  • It\'s nice, but not fabulous

    November 2013  ·  Ed in HENDERSON, NV

  • Fantastic. Very luxurious but surprisingly soft and comfortable on the skin.

    October 2013  ·  Alex in Rye, NY

  • Fantastic fabric. Feels great, not too shiny, and not very transparent. Has the perfect weight for year round use--light enough to be comfortable in the heat, but not so thin that it can\'t be worn in the winter. It really is the perfect white shirt.

    August 2013  ·  Alastair in Chicago, IL

  • Very nice fabric

    August 2013  ·  Andrew in Moraga, CA


    June 2013  ·  ANDREW in WILMINGTON, DE

  • This is far better than I expected. Very classy!!

    June 2013  ·  Mi-Hsiu in Taipei, Taipei

  • Excellent. Love the softness of material. Look great on in any occasion.

    May 2013  ·  Joshua in SAN JOSE, CA

  • I loved this fabric. A very solid, classy white shirt that is perfect with any suit.

    November 2012  ·  Abhaya in Toronto, ON

  • Outstanding fabric, the diagonal texture is subtle enough to go unnoticed but makes the shirt look a little smarter than your average white dress shirt.

    September 2012  ·  Daniel in Waltham, MA

  • Handsome twill that makes up beautifully into a classic and confident dress shirt. Subtle luster to the finish, and it feels great, too.

    August 2012  ·  Andrew in Oakland, CA

  • It is a great shirt

    August 2012  ·  Bryce in Fullerton, CA

  • Looks fantastic. Just the right amount of transparency. Feels great.

    August 2012  ·  Joseph in Dix Hills, NY

  • This twill exceeded my expectations, after washing it ironed up beautifully. It is a very comfortable weight under a suit coat.

    July 2012  ·  Robert in Huntington Beach, CA

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