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Reda Sky Basketweave Merino Wool Fabric



Fabric Description

Forget everything you thought you knew about wool.

Our merino wool shirts are lightweight, comfortable, and refined, and feature astonishing natural performance. They’re extremely wrinkle and odor resistant, resilient, and an amazing temperature regulator, which means that they’re also super easy to care for, can be worn multiple times between washes, are incredibly durable, and will help keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Woven by the wool masters at Reda, this beautiful S120s 2-ply basketweave has a bit more texture than our plain weave merino wool shirts. The contrast of the white and sky blue threads in the weave makes for a subtle, almost solid option that goes well with both suits and chinos. Learn more about our Merino Wool Shirts here.

Recommended Styling: Try it with our President Spread collar for a dressier looking shirt, or one of our soft collars, like our Soft Franklin Spread, for a casual vibe. Either way, go without a placket.


Fabric Details

4.8 on 72 Reviews

Recommended by 93%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.8

  • This was a pricey purchase, but worth it. I thought the pattern was very interesting, but still conservative from a distance. Made for a nice, classy, casual shirt.

    September 2023  ·  Timothy in PHOENIX, AZ

  • One of the best shirts I've owned. Love the fabric. It's silky, hard to believe it's wool! Cool in summer!

    July 2023  ·  James in Baileys Crossroads, VA

  • The feel and pattern don't seem to go well together

    June 2023  ·  Scott in TULSA, OK

  • Good quality. Wool still has a slight itch that will hopefully go away with time.

    May 2023  ·  Nick in Petrolia, ON

  • The colour is a little darker than expected, but it is luxuriously smooth, almost like silk. It doesn't wrinkle at all.

    April 2023  ·  Ben in Cremorne, NSW

  • These Reda merino wool shirts are my favorite, IDK how many I've ordered already. Nice drape, wicks away moisture, very wrinkle resistant. I reckon I'll eventually have one in every color.

    April 2023  ·  Robert in Waipahu, HI

  • I custom ordered merino wool because it was offered in a wide variety of colors with off white being the color I was looking for most. I may order another off-white to increase quantity; however, the texture feels slightly coarser than other shirts I possess of the same fabric.

    April 2023  ·  Branville in BALTIMORE, MD

  • love it

    March 2023  ·  Jeffrey in NAPLES, FL

  • Love the wool, soft and comfortable. Hoping for more choices.

    March 2023  ·  Jack in RICHMOND, VA

  • Looks and feels amazing

    March 2023  ·  Jake in Brooklyn, NY

  • Beautiful new basketweave pattern and love the merino wool in any climate

    March 2023  ·  CJ in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • It is much thinner than I expected. But this is a very good quality. The fabric has an incredible "drape" and it is very soft and comfortable. It will be comfortable in any season (including summer), and the material is completely opaque despite the "thinness". It feels very high quality.

    March 2023  ·  thomas in PROVIDENCE, RI

  • This is my forth Reda wool shirt. I love Reda fabric! It is so easy to wear with little or no wrinkle. This shirt has a very elegant look when put under a blazer or sports coat. The subtile texture to the fabric is so inviting to the eye and pleasing to wear. This is a perfect 10 addition to my shirt collection. I recommend and would buy again!

    February 2023  ·  Brent in JOLIET, IL

  • always love merino shirts

    February 2023  ·  Ryan in Alpharetta, GA

  • Very Stylish

    February 2023  ·  Joseph in Tampa, FL

  • Nice but not my favorite

    February 2023  ·  Robert in Atlanta, GA

  • Nice patten

    January 2023  ·  john in Toronto, ON

  • Fabric has an amazing feel and drapes very well. I will order more shirts in this fabric.

    November 2022  ·  Brian in EUGENE, OR

  • Amazing fabric, nice design.

    November 2022  ·  Orion in WASHINGTON, DC

  • The fabric is beautiful but the puckering at seams is very noticeable - I don't know if this is more visible because of the light color or if it is due to the light fabric.

    November 2022  ·  Lee in Nantucket, MA

  • Merino wool shirts from PC are awesome. This fabric is subtle but noticeably beautiful.

    November 2022  ·  David in Warren, NJ

  • Extraordinary fabric

    November 2022  ·  michael in Ojai, CA

  • The entire Reda Merino wool line is incredible! Over the years I’ve purchased 5. They are every bit worth the money. They’re wrinkle resistant, they drape like silk.

    November 2022  ·  Michael in Saint Paul, MN

  • Excellent shirt - merino is phenomenal

    October 2022  ·  Owen in MARIETTA, GA

  • This is a high-quality great looking shirt.

    October 2022  ·  Lance in NEW YORK, NY

  • excellent

    September 2022  ·  michael in Highland Park, NJ

  • Versatile fabric, excellent drape, easily 3 and almost 4 season

    September 2022  ·  Amit in Princeton, NJ

  • This is a really interesting fabric which is beautiful and has a very smooth feel. Very wrinkle resistant. My only complaint is that it tends to give the sleeves a bit of a billowy sort of look.

    August 2022  ·  Brent in Atlanta, GA

  • I love these Merino wool shirts. They are worth the price difference!

    July 2022  ·  Patrick in Montreal, Quebec

  • Straight up beautiful. Light hand...wonderful.

    July 2022  ·  Andrew in Highland Park, IL

  • This fabric feels fantastic! The wool drapes well, basically never wrinkles, and can be machine washed. It's perfect!

    July 2022  ·  John Ross in LAFAYETTE, IN

  • Can’t go wrong with Marino wool. Feels great and wears well. The shirt is also mostly wrinkle free and easy to iron.

    July 2022  ·  Joel in Clear Water Bay,

  • Absolutely love reda and all their merino wool shirts. This weave is fun and elegant

    July 2022  ·  Christopher G. in ATLANTA, GA

  • Very soft.

    June 2022  ·  Richard in Dayton, NJ

  • a bit darker than anticipated but interesting pattern and great shirt overall.

    June 2022  ·  Andrew in Singapore,

  • This one came out more casual than I expected, both in the pattern and the drape. I had planned to wear it as a business shirt but it's a bit too loud for that. It looks very nice, I'll just have to adapt when I wear it.

    June 2022  ·  David in Somerville, MA

  • Love this shirt. The wool is my favorite fabric for spring and winter office wear. The pattern adds some visual interest, have gotten several compliments on it.

    May 2022  ·  Jerome in Dublin, CA,

  • These shirts are great. I love how they feel.

    May 2022  ·  Neal in Newton, MA

  • Fabric is VERY prone to pulls. It’s a shirt fabric but is almost like a loosely knit sweater. Unhappy with it. And it’s one of the most expensive.

    May 2022  ·  Kevin in New York, NY

  • Fabric is perfect for business travel.

    May 2022  ·  Jeff in Waconia, MN

  • Nice color and excellent fabric quality.

    April 2022  ·  Joko in Nashua, NH

  • The fabric is soft and wrinkle resistant. The color is a soft light blue. I highly recommend it.

    April 2022  ·  Shane in BOSTON, MA

  • I'm not as excited by the Reda Merinos as others — yes, they have some great performance benefits, but they do have a bit of a sheen, feel a bit strange on the skin, and have a slightly odd color cast. One I ordered and didn't like, and a couple I do and wear often. This is one of those. The color isn't as versatile as other blues, but a nice pattern nonetheless.

    January 2022  ·  James in Costa Mesa, CA

  • Roll Tide!

    January 2022  ·  David in DENVER, CO

  • Very nice subtle textured pattern, same great Reda performance.

    January 2022  ·  David in Toronto, ON

  • Good fit

    December 2021  ·  Douglas in Houston, TX

  • Light, comfortable, and wrinkle-resistant.

    November 2021  ·  Andrew in PHILADELPHIA, PA

  • Very professional look. Wrinkle resistant and good feel.

    October 2021  ·  Duane in CANYON LAKE, TX

  • These merino wools have all been very good. Perfect for a date or the office. Something about the wool makes them hold up better over the day and not get wrinkled like cotton. Highly recommend.

    September 2021  ·  Mark in La Jolla, CA

  • Love Reda wool shirts. Love the fact that you continue to expand this line!

    August 2021  ·  Kevin in Phoenix, AZ

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