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Reda Merino Wool Grey Tonal Plaid Fabric



Fabric Description

When most guys think of wool shirts, they think of itchy, heavyweight flannels for the wintertime. Our merino wool shirts are something entirely different. They’re made using an innovative wool shirting fabric woven by Reda in Italy. This S120s 2-ply Australian merino wool is incredibly fine at 17.5 micron, completely machine washable, and has natural stretch. By its nature, merino wool is more resistant to wrinkles and odors, is more resilient, and is better at regulating temperature than cotton is. This means that our 100% merino wool shirts are easy to care for, can be worn multiple times without picking up body odors, are incredibly durable, and will help keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Learn more about our Merino Wool Shirts here.

Reda has done it again, producing this beautiful grey tonal plaid in their incredible merino wool shirting fabric. The sophisticated plaid pattern is great for more casual offices and perfect for the weekend. Try it with our President Spread collar for a dressier looking shirt or one of our soft collars for a casual vibe.


Fabric Details

4.9 on 63 Reviews

Recommended by 98%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.9

  • Performance 4.9

  • The merino wool is my favorite Proper Cloth fabric. It is soft, comfy and draped perfectly

    5 days ago  ·  James in New York, NY

  • Love the pattern. Subtle plaid makes it able to be paired up or down. Merino wool is my new favorite shirt material.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Jason in Yucaipa, CA

  • Love these Reda merino shirts. Great color representation, and a wonderful, soft feel, beautiful drape, and moisture-wicking to boot. Can't get enough of them, literally. Have ordered a dozen or so now.

    last month  ·  Thomas in NEW ORLEANS, LA

  • Love the merino fabric from Reda. Rich coloring and great feel.

    last month  ·  Michael in New Canaan, CT

  • Smooth, soft, and light-weight. Great wrinkle resistance.

    last month  ·  Adam in Huntersville, NC

  • Beautiful soft drape fabric. Comes out of the wash with almost no wrinkles.

    September 2023  ·  Terry in RAPID CITY, SD

  • Light weight, wrinkle free fabric.

    August 2023  ·  Eddy in San Marcos, CA

  • Awesome!!

    August 2023  ·  Milton in LITTLE ROCK, AR

  • Great, well made shirt with perfect fit.

    July 2023  ·  Gene in Seattle, WA

  • Excellent pattern! Feels and wears great!

    June 2023  ·  Dean in Buffalo, MN

  • very comfortable and seems to be holding up very well after several wears

    February 2023  ·  Matthew in Pataskala, OH

  • Excellentl

    January 2023  ·  Yehuda in VALLEY STREAM, NY

  • Love the color and feel of fabric. Too bad it's out of stock currently. Hopefully comes back in stock.

    January 2023  ·  David in Osgoode, ON

  • These Reda Merino Wool shirts are just amazing - and I've bought one in nearly every color. They're amazingly comfortable, easy to machine wash at home and just hang dry - very wrinkle resistant. I find any small wrinkles disappear within a few minutes of wearing due to body heat - the shirt looks better as the day goes by! The shirts I've had for a couple of years look brand new, so I'm buying more. This is my go-to for all seasons but summer and all work days but "full suit".

    December 2022  ·  Marcus in Vernon, CT

  • Beautiful fabric. This is my second shirt in this fabric. Different collars

    November 2022  ·  Lovic in Eufaula, AL

  • Perfect for all uses. Great quality shirt!

    October 2022  ·  Kyle in Rimrock, AZ

  • This is beautiful fabric. It's a little on the light side, but it's still stunning.

    September 2022  ·  Chris in Salem, OR

  • Love the wool shirt. Rich colors.

    August 2022  ·  Ben in WINSTON SALEM, NC

  • Excellent pattern on the best fabric

    August 2022  ·  Jacob in LAS VEGAS, NV

  • Love the merino wool fabrics. I like that the pattern is a little more subdued and not too bold.

    July 2022  ·  Jerome in Dublin, CA,

  • Really nice fabric, absolutely love the lightweight merino fabrics. Super smooth and silky. Very neutral grey, no warmth/coolness to it. Would look great with black jeans and boots.

    June 2022  ·  Namir in SAN DIEGO, CA

  • Beautiful light grey and love the wool fabrics!

    June 2022  ·  michael in Dulles, VA

  • This fabric is my favorite, only wish they had more colors in it.

    June 2022  ·  Coren in Tualatin, OR

  • The best casual grey choice from Reda so far. Love the subtly of the tonal plaid. Fun yet smart at the same time.

    November 2021  ·  Jacob in Chicago, IL

  • Great fabric.

    March 2021  ·  Barton in Schwenksville, PA

  • I love these merino shirts. The fabric is the right weight to keep me comfortable and it looks good all day long.

    June 2020  ·  Jeremy in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • I love this shirt. Incredible comfortable and looks great in any situation

    March 2020  ·  David in NORTH HAVEN, CT

  • Very silky.

    December 2019  ·  David in Hillsborough, NC

  • looks and feels good - A+++

    August 2019  ·  Francois in Glendale, CA

  • I've had merino wool t-shirts in the past and loved them so I thought I'd try this fabric out for fall/winter. It's amazingly wrinkle resistant in normal wearing (you still need a warm iron -- this isn't a treated fabric). It is soft and drapes wonderfully. I'm thrilled to see Proper Cloth got more patterns in this year, I'm about to order some more shirts!

    August 2019  ·  Matthew in New York, NY

  • Love the merino wool, great feel and drape. I am looking forward to more color and pattern choices.

    July 2019  ·  Desi in Manhattan Beach, CA

  • I love all of my merino wool shirts.

    June 2019  ·  Greg in Fort Smith, AR

  • Nice

    June 2019  ·  Ken in South San Francisco, CA

  • A darker variation would be really nice.

    June 2019  ·  Bryan R. in Norcross, GA

  • Amazing merino wool option. The fabrics are amazing.

    May 2019  ·  Forrest in Leesburg, VA

  • First merino shirt for me. Feels and looks amazing.

    April 2019  ·  Jared in New York, NY

  • love this wool shirt

    April 2019  ·  Wes in lakewood, WA

  • Great shirt, great fit, Fabric holds up well in terms of wrinkles etc.

    April 2019  ·  Mark in Wellesley, MA

  • Cool and comfortable hand. Feels like a very fine silk with more body. Love this fabric.

    April 2019  ·  Justin in Houghton, WA

  • Beautiful fabric. The look is all class. While the wool is soft it is a little itchier than I had hoped. However, I'm hoping with some wear and a few more washes this will soften up really well.

    March 2019  ·  Matthew in Jericho, NY

  • Very soft and amazing fabric. Pattern is subtle enough to mix with a sold color tie for a professional look.

    March 2019  ·  Greg in New York, NY

  • It's brand new so experience very limited but fabric feels great.

    March 2019  ·  Robert in Calgary, AB

  • Very comfortable and warm

    March 2019  ·  Ravi in Akron, OH

  • If you are skeptical of wool for dress shirts, don't be. You've got to experience it to believe the high quality. This pattern is great for not-quite casual work settings.

    March 2019  ·  Paul in Kenosha, WI

  • The merino wool is amazing, soft and supple, drapes well and does not wrinkle. It smells "wooly" when coming out of the dryer...don't let that put you off.

    March 2019  ·  Timothy in Austin, TX

  • Great Fabric, feels amazing

    March 2019  ·  Mark in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • The shirt fabric is very nice. It is different than I expected but in a good way. The shirt does not wrinkle at all. The shirt is soft and the color is nice.

    March 2019  ·  Brian in Burnsville, MN

  • Excellent fabric

    March 2019  ·  Eli in Dearborn Heights, MI

  • Really rich fabric. Doesn't look like every other shirt.

    February 2019  ·  Nicholas in Portola Valley, CA

  • Love the merino fabrics.

    February 2019  ·  Glen in Lynnwood, WA

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