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Comfortable, hard-wearing, and incredibly versatile, the oxford is a staple every man should have in his closet.

Our heavy oxfords have just the right amount of heft to them—they’re woven from Pima cotton with a 40/1 x 21/2 construction that feels substantial but not overly thick. They’re also highly resilient, meaning they’ll last for years and only get better the more they’re washed and worn. Oxford cloth is one of the few fabrics that can be worn just as easily with a suit and tie as it can be worn rumpled and untucked with jeans. Our marine blue version is a timeless and unique yet easy to wear choice. Learn more about oxford shirts here.

Recommended Styling: Try it with our Soft Ivy Button Down Collar, Soft Front Placket, and a Soft One-Button Cuff for a classic oxford cloth button down (OCBD), or go with one of our soft spread or cutaway collars for more of a sprezzy Italian vibe.


Fabric Details

4.7 on 313 Reviews

Recommended by 96%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.7

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  • The fabric appears very high quality. Be aware, that it is quite thick though.

    Yesterday  ·  John in Saanichton, BC

  • Solid oxford different than the standard blue

    1 weeks ago  ·  Caleb in Prairie Village, KS

  • Nice variation of a blue shade with great fabric.

    1 weeks ago  ·  Vince in Wilmington, DE

  • fine, standard issue

    2 weeks ago  ·  Matthew in Calgary, Alberta

  • I absolutely love the fabric, especially the color but also weight and pattern, but the cut ended up being off. It shrinks more than other fabrics so you may want to tweak your allowance for that.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Ilmi in San Francisco, CA

  • Very strong and tough fabric

    2 weeks ago  ·  Yousuf in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Great off-grey with a hint of blue-green. Oxford is perfect for fall, spring and casual looks.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Zachary in BALTIMORE, MD

  • Not wrinkle resistant but otherwise great

    2 weeks ago  ·  Derrek in SALT LAKE CITY, UT

  • The shirt will require pressing between wears. However, it’s presentation is fantastic and just like the real Oxford shirts I had growing up.

    2 weeks ago  ·  Mark in Aubrey, TX

  • Above average

    2 weeks ago  ·  Joseph in SPRING, TX

  • Awesome Re-Fitting after I lost considerable amount of weight.

    3 weeks ago  ·  john in COLUMBUS, OH

  • Excellent fabric, and I styled it in the classic OCBD style. I love the blue grey color. The shirt is heavy-weight and is constructed nicely. It looks great and feels very nice.

    4 weeks ago  ·  Thierry in Brooklyn, NY

  • Nice shirt

    4 weeks ago  ·  Nick in Rumson, NJ

  • Immediate sense of high-quality feel.

    last month  ·  Christopher in OMAHA, NE

  • Sturdy but comfortable material.

    last month  ·  ALEX in White Plains, NY

  • This fabric is really good looking in person. It’s a very versatile color for both in and out of the office.

    last month  ·  William in BROOKLYN, NY

  • Good OCBD.

    last month  ·  Kevin in PORTLAND, OR

  • Wrinkle resistance is very low compared to other shirts.

    last month  ·  Ryan in Aldie, VA

  • Nice color, but could be softer

    last month  ·  Lucas in Bainbridge Island, WA

  • I love this oxford

    last month  ·  Ben in Winston Salem, NC

  • Good

    last month  ·  Yin in South San Francisco, CA

  • Again, it’s not the blue I’m looking for, it’s closer though. I would recommend this blue for sure.

    last month  ·  Quinn in Brighton, ON

  • Fabric is durable and colour is great.

    last month  ·  Matthew in Toronto, Ontario

  • It is quite thick. Would be better if it can be thinner and still come with similar wrinkle resistance and opacity

    August 2023  ·  Xin in New York, NY

  • Visit the showroom to perfect

    August 2023  ·  Eugene in Jersey City, NJ

  • Great fabric

    July 2023  ·  Mike in Anchorage, AK

  • Can't tell if it's navy blue or grey. Was hoping the color would be a bit more like Brooks Brothers blue oxford, which isn't quite sky blue. Perhaps washing it will bring out the blue shade more than the grey shade. Regardless, the color is excellent for a work horse shirt.

    July 2023  ·  george andrew in Collegeville, PA

  • Good construction on this fabric. Great quality

    July 2023  ·  Grant in Flower Mound, TX

  • Strong material, perfect colour

    July 2023  ·  Ilan in Toronto, ON

  • Great casual oxford that looks and fits great.

    July 2023  ·  Ben in BROOKLYN, NY

  • Love it

    July 2023  ·  Tim in Woonsocket, RI

  • I like the darkish color

    July 2023  ·  Anil in CRYSTAL RIVER, FL

  • Better than I expected, especially for the price. A little lightweight than I expected as well, which was fine with me. A nice 4 season fabric, that starts a little stiff, but I'm sure will soften up and wear nicely in the wash.

    June 2023  ·  Jon in Portland, OR

  • A good shirt with the kind of fabric weight I like in an oxford shirt.

    June 2023  ·  Michael in Elm Grove, WI

  • Perfect "office" shirt. Crisp, light, clean. A+

    June 2023  ·  Peter in SYRACUSE, NY

  • I like it for it's heft and hand feel.

    June 2023  ·  edward in Piedmont, CA

  • For that price point, very good fabric. It has nice matte finish and good drape. Good for an everyday shirt.

    June 2023  ·  Mateusz in Warszawa, Mazowieckie

  • Great fabric, definitely thicker than most but that is the type of cloth. Great for a more casual look, wrinkles a bit but again it is a more casual shirt. Definitely will order in other colors. Color is a hint of gray and blue-ish.

    June 2023  ·  Matthew in Scottsdale, AZ

  • A heavy fabric. Have only worn once, but I think it will become much softer after w couple launderings.

    June 2023  ·  Bryan in Elwyn, PA

  • Perfect look and weight. Exactly what I hoped it would be.

    June 2023  ·  Dan in Rio Verde, AZ

  • I really like this muted shade of blue compared to a brighter blue that is often used in light blue oxfords. It is a little more subtle and refined. The fabric weight is at a nice sweet spot, not overly heavy, and not too thin. Lastly, in the world of evolving fabrics containing elastine for stretch, and coatings for wrinkle free, etc, it is nice to have a pure 100% cotton, non-treated fabric. The fact that it wrinkles and crumples a little bit gives it life and beauty.

    June 2023  ·  Craig in Holyoke, MA

  • Fabric: I love the standard Oxford cloth fabric of the Marine Oxford Cloth. It is soft enough that I don’t feel it necessary to step up my next shirt order to Supima Oxford Cloth, and yet, the texture of the weave is open enough that I can wear the shirt more casually if I choose. Some standard Oxford cloth fabrics are rough and uncomfortable to wear at first, which is not the case with this fabric. I decided on the Marine Oxford Cloth colorway as it appears more casual than the brighter/lighter blue options, in my opinion, and I’m pleased with my choice. I’ve found a very economical daily wear shirt fabric that fits and feels great right out of the box.

    June 2023  ·  Mark in Madison, WI

  • These shirts are terrible for me. I ordered a few of them (my mistake, I should have purchased just one and tried it). They are supposedly wrinkle-resistant, but they are the opposite. Extremely wrinkle prone. They actually look quite disheveled shortly after putting them on. I own three of these shirts and don't wear any of them sadly. It was an expensive experiment that I won't be repeating!! This said, if you don't mind wrinkled shirts, and you want a very heavy oxford for colder weather days, you may to consider this shirt. I didn't like it.

    June 2023  ·  Weston in Calgary, AB

  • This is a sturdy fabric that will hold up and soften as it’s worn. Looks great untucked with jeans.

    June 2023  ·  Keegan in Oxnard, CA

  • It was exactly what I expected.

    May 2023  ·  David in Washington, DC

  • Yes

    May 2023  ·  Peter in Syosset, NY

  • You ok heavy and rough. Too hot, not flexible.

    May 2023  ·  Alexandre in saint-lambert,

  • A nice oxford cloth fabric. The coloured yearns are a desaturated blue that makes the shirt read as grey in some lighting. Goes well with denim!

    May 2023  ·  Jeffrey in Oro-Medonte, Ontario

  • Comfortable to wear

    May 2023  ·  Hamish in Auckland, Rosedale

  • Nice weight for an oxford.

    May 2023  ·  Pasan in Ottawa, Ontario

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