Dumplings for Doctors

This week is projected to be one of the worst weeks ever for the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, and it’s our hospitals and health care workers that are bearing the brunt of that challenge.

Here in New York, hospitals are understaffed. Doctors and nurses are working 18 hour shifts with no time to rest or eat a good meal.

We want to do something. And we need your help.

So, today, April 7th, we’re donating $20 for every shirt, pants, jacket or suit someone buys towards providing hot meals for doctors and nurses at a New York City hospital. $20 provides about two meals, and every meal helps. But even more importantly, this is about showing our doctors and nurses that we're behind them and appreciate the work they are doing.

Every shirt, jacket, suit or pants you purchase today will provide two hot meals for a doctor or nurse in New York.

Let’s do what we can to show these heroes on the front lines at this trying time that we care about them, and that we have their backs.

And special thanks to Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings (they make delicious dumplings) for helping to make this project happen. For more information on this initiative, or to donate directly to their cause, click here.