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Reda Sky Basketweave Merino Wool


Shirt Style Details

President Spread Collar Diagram

President Spread Collar

Our new and improved version of our most popular collar. We designed this to be a truly premium modern spread collar with timeless proportions.

Long One Button Cuff Diagram

Long One Button Cuff

A slightly longer version of our one button barrel cuff. Fused. Great for for guys with longer arms.

Front Placket Diagram

Front Placket, No Pocket

A slightly stiff, fused interlining runs down the front of the shirt behind the buttons for a crisp and structured look.

Standard Buttons Diagram

Standard Buttons

Our standard button. Made from high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Buttons Standard Buttons i
    Standard Buttons Diagram

    Our standard button. Made from high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Bottom Hem Rounded i

    A 2” curved front and back shirttail hem with reinforced side seam gussets.

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, chest pocket, and more by customizing this shirt.

Fabric Info

Fabric Description

Forget everything you thought you knew about wool.

Our merino wool shirts are lightweight, comfortable, and refined, and feature astonishing natural performance. They’re extremely wrinkle and odor resistant, resilient, and an amazing temperature regulator, which means that they’re also super easy to care for, can be worn multiple times between washes, are incredibly durable, and will help keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Woven by the wool masters at Reda, this beautiful S120s 2-ply basketweave has a bit more texture than our plain weave merino wool shirts. The contrast of the white and sky blue threads in the weave makes for a subtle, almost solid option that goes well with both suits and chinos. Learn more about our Merino Wool Shirts here.

Recommended Styling: Try it with our President Spread collar for a dressier looking shirt, or one of our soft collars, like our Soft Franklin Spread, for a casual vibe. Either way, go without a placket.

Fabric Details

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