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Fun Stripe Linen


Shirt Style Details

Soft Ivy Button Down Collar Diagram

Soft Ivy Button Down Collar

Collar roll. And plenty of it. This decidedly casual collar style is more expressive than most modern button down collars.

Soft Long One Button Cuff Diagram

Soft Long One Button Cuff

The same shape as our long one button barrel, but without the stiff fusing. Soft, comfortable, and a good match for casual style shirts.

Soft Front Placket Diagram Rounded Pocket Diagram

Soft Front Placket, Rounded Pocket

Great for casual shirts. A soft, unfused front placket makes for a relaxed look.

Roma Buttons Diagram

Roma Buttons

A beautiful off-white faux mother-of-pearl button. Made from a high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Buttons Roma Buttons i
    Roma Buttons Diagram

    A beautiful off-white faux mother-of-pearl button. Made from a high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Bottom Hem Rounded i

    A 2” curved front and back shirttail hem with reinforced side seam gussets.

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, and more by customizing this shirt.

Fabric Info

Fabric Description

A comfortable, refined linen with a fun, colorful pattern.

With a playful mixture of stripes, this 21s single-ply plain weave linen is a bold yet timeless option for a summer look. Linen has an airy, open weave that breathes incredibly well, and its naturally cool feel and ability to keep you dry make it a summer essential if there ever was one. Its uniquely slubby texture gives it character and provides visual interest whether it's solid or patterned. Keep in mind that linen’s wrinkle-prone nature is part of its charm; don't worry about pressing it—just let it look well-worn and relaxed. Stripes of red, green, blue, light blue, purple, and yellow pop against the bright white ground, giving this casual linen an eye-catching medley of color that’s sure to work with numerous pieces in your wardrobe. Wear it with shorts to the beach, or tucked into linen trousers for a fun, elevated look.

Recommended Styling: Our Soft President Spread collar, no placket, and Soft Long One Button cuff make a fool-proof combination you wear dressed up or down. Go for our Mother of Pearl buttons to add a bit of shine.

Fabric Details

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Plain Weaves 100% Linen Blue Stripes Casual Shirts
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