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Albini Navy Green and Rose Vintage Floral Print

$150 $110

Shirt Style Details

Soft President Spread Collar Diagram

Soft President Spread Collar

Our new and improved version of our popular soft president spread collar. If you are looking for an off-duty collar, but button-down collars aren't your thing, this is going to be a great option.

Soft Long One Button Cuff Diagram

Soft Long One Button Cuff

The same shape as our long one button barrel, but without the stiff fusing. Soft, comfortable, and a good match for casual style shirts.

No Placket Diagram

No Placket, No Pocket

The front of the shirt simply folds back on itself for a cleaner yet less structured look.

Slate Horn Buttons Diagram

Slate Horn Buttons

Unique slate blue button that pairs well with dark, casual fabrics. Made from a durable faux-horn.

  • Buttons Slate Horn Buttons i
    Slate Horn Buttons Diagram

    Unique slate blue button that pairs well with dark, casual fabrics. Made from a durable faux-horn.

  • Bottom Hem Rounded i

    A 2” curved front and back shirttail hem with reinforced side seam gussets.

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, chest pocket, and more by customizing this shirt.

Fabric Info

Fabric Description

Last summer we found a group of incredible prints while digging through Albini's famous archives in Bergamo, Italy. We worked closely with Albini's design team to update these beautiful, opulent designs and give them a modern appeal. Woven and finished 100% in Italy, these fabrics live up to the 140 year legacy of quality that Albini has built over five generations.

This striking floral is highly detailed and gets more beautiful the closer you look at it. We love the more subdued color tones of this print. The navy ground and pine green tones help the dusty rose floral details pop. This super soft 70s peached twill and has beautiful detail that makes it an incredible sport shirt. Opt for a soft collar for a bold off-duty look, or with a President Spread collar for more of a sharp, dressed-up vibe.

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Fabric Details

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