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If you're like me, you haven't finished started your Christmas shopping just yet.

But who can blame you. In California, the thought of driving to the mall and spending an hour competing with stressed out grandmothers for parking isn't appealing. And if you're in Chicago or the North East, well, it's friggin cold outside.

There's the added problem that you just don't know what to get him for Christmas. Gifts should be both personal AND practical - but - is that really even possible?

If you don't live near your immediate family (and won't be traveling to see them) you're probably beginning to feel like you already blew it... Is it even possible to ship something cross country this week?

Introducing the Perfect Christmas Gift

So, here's a suggestion - give the gift of a custom dress shirt gift-certificate from Proper Cloth. It's the only clothing you can buy a guy and know FOR SURE that it is going to fit (because we will make it custom fit for him). It's also kind of personal, because he get's to design it himself - and practical because he probably wears a dress shirt to work every day.

The best part is that you could conceivably knock out all of your Christmas shopping this afternoon. Sitting right where you are now with your computer while you sip eggnog (or margarita depending on location) and ease yourself into what should be a relaxing Christmas vacation. I'll deliver the dress shirt gift certificate via email for you (just send me an email to schedule delivery). Piece of cake.

Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best. Happy Holidays! Stay Proper!

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