Dress Shirt Front Placket Types

Dress shirts generally come with a few different options for the front placket.

Front placket (fused or soft)

Dress Shirt Front Placket

A dress shirt front placket is the most common dress shirt front style. The fabric is folded back over and sewn with a fused interlining to give it that crisp, dressy appeal. You’ll rarely, if ever, go wrong with this on a business shirt. ┬áThe soft front placket is very similar in style to the classic fused front placket, but with a soft, unfused construction. It’s ideal for casual shirts and pairs really nicely with a soft collar.

No front placket (French front)

French Front Dress Shirt

The French front is a popular placket style that features no fold back placket. It has a “cleaner” more “downtown” appeal to it. It can be slightly more difficult to iron than the standard front placket, but works well on both business and casual shirts.

Covered placket (fly front)

Covered Placket Dress Shirt

Commonly known as the Fly Front, the Covered Placket is a more formal style placket with an extra piece that covers up the buttons on the front of the shirt. Commonly used for tuxedo shirts, this certainly will give your shirt a very dressed-up look.

Tuxedo front (plain)

Tuxedo Front Plain

Similar to the French front in look and construction., but the top four buttons are removable so that one can put in tuxedo studs. We suggest only going with this option when buying a tuxedo shirt.