Winter 2015
Premium Winter Accessories
Textured wool. Smooth Printed Silk.
Our winter accessories collection is here.
Smooth Printed Silk Ties
Designed in New York. Expertly printed in Lake Como, Italy. Made using a smooth pure silk quality that's timeless and professional.
Smooth Silk
Expertly printed in Lake Como for crisp, professional designs. Made using incredibly smooth silk and a new silk/cotton quality that's ideal for warm weather.
Printed Wool & Woven Cashmere Scarves
Incredibly soft wool and cashmere scarves made in Biella, Italy. The most functional accessory of the season, made to the highest standards.
Cashmere Beanies
Pure cashmere beanies knitted in Milan. As warm as can be in five rich seasonal colors.
From $100
Handmade in Italy from the finest materials available. We're sticking to our strategy of making the best accessories possible, regardless of cost. An incredible value.
Lazio Burgundy Handblock Print Tie
Lazio Pine Handblock Print Tie
Lazio Navy Handblock Print Tie
Lazio Scarlet Foulard Print Tie
Lazio Navy Foulard Print Tie
Lazio Navy Large Medallion Print Tie
Lazio Navy Medallion Print Tie
Lazio Royal Medallion Print Tie
Piedmont Pine Donegal Wool Tie
Piedmont Slate Donegal Wool Tie
Bergamo Navy Herringbone Wool Tie
Bergamo Brown Herringbone Wool Tie
Cortina Brown Glen Plaid Tie
Cortina Dark Blue Glen Plaid Tie
Biella Indigo Printed Wool Tie
Biella Charcoal Printed Wool Tie
Sienna Chestnut and Indigo Stripe Wool Tie
Siena Scarlet and Indigo Stripe Wool Tie
Sienna Basil and Ash Stripe Wool Tie
Sienna Grey Stripe Wool Tie
Gray Solid Birdseye Wool Tie
Solid Navy Cashmere Scarf
Solid Charcoal Cashmere Scarf
Solid Grey Cashmere Scarf
Solid Beige Cashmere Scarf
Navy Windowpane Cashmere Scarf
Beige Windowpane Cashmere Scarf
Navy Cashmere Knit Hat
Scarlet Cashmere Knit Hat
Forest Cashmere Knit Hat
Grey Cashmere Knit Hat
Black Cashmere Knit Hat
Stone Wool Pocket Square
Indigo Wool Pocket Square
Burgundy Wool Pocket Square
Chestnut Wool Pocket Square