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12/18/14 03:53AM
Would you order again? YES
I can't believe an online shirtmaker exists that can make a shirt to my exact preference. I love it!
— David in Naperville, IL
12/18/14 01:30AM
Would you order again? YES
Would definitely recommend trying! Their fit calculations can be off, but that's to be expected - everyone's body is different. They do a pretty good job regardless!
— Andrew in Hoover, AL
12/18/14 12:32AM
Would you order again? YES
Overall experience continues to impress. Easy to use site, great selection of fabrics, and timely delivery. Would definitely recommend the company.
— Dan in Hoboken, NJ
12/17/14 10:53PM
Would you order again? YES
Everything was great, as usual.
— Chance in Fort Worth, TX
12/17/14 07:36PM
Would you order again? YES
Extremely high quality product at a reasonable price. The process of ordering through the website was a bit confusing, and I had trouble entering my measurements, but the customer service response was outstanding and the issue was resolved promptly and to my complete satisfaction. I've already ordered my next two shirts.
— Bruce in McLean, VA
12/17/14 06:50PM
Would you order again? YES
I've literally been searching for years to find a shirt that fits properly, and I finally have! Well done Proper Cloth! The hype is real!
— Nick in Calgary, Alberta
12/17/14 04:15PM
Would you order again? YES
Great shirt
— Julio in New York, NY
12/17/14 03:52PM
Would you order again? YES
Get your size down before ordering
— Bruce in Mobile, AL
12/17/14 11:38AM
Would you order again? YES
I have had a wonderful experience with this company. My advice would be to first read every detail on the web site; especially the reference section (it teaches you a lot about proper fit and style).
— Gregory in Portsmouth, VA
12/17/14 09:25AM
Would you order again? YES
While there are several measurements to specify, the ordering process was straightforward and provided a couple of options which I have not seen before. The email follow ups to advise on status after the initial order was placed, and what to after receiving the shirt are great. Follow their advice- wear and launder the first shirt, then wear it again before deciding on any changes.
— Chris in Sewickley, PA
12/17/14 08:33AM
Would you order again? YES
Best shirt for money and I have been buying dress shirts for work for 36 years! If you don't give these guys a try you just wasted your money on another product.
— mike in knoxville, TN
12/16/14 06:37PM
Would you order again? YES
It was very cool. The customer service was top notch and personable. Ineould advise future buyers to look at all the fabrics and choose something that will complete the look of the shirt. With so many choices it makes it more fun to pick and choose.
— Virgilio in New York, NY
12/16/14 05:54PM
Would you order again? YES
Thought i had ordered two. Cannot believe there's no "REORDER" button on the past orders page. I still cannot figure out how to repeat an order anywhere on the site.
— edouard in new orleans, LA
12/16/14 03:44PM
Would you order again? YES
Great experience as always. Tremendous selection and a great shirt.
— Shea in Chicago, IL
12/16/14 09:27AM
Would you order again? YES
Best customer service and value in the made to measure business.
— Robert in Kingstree, SC
12/16/14 09:21AM
Would you order again? YES
Spend the time on the fittings, there's no reason to rush through the process.
— Sal in Briarcliff, NY
12/16/14 03:11AM
Would you order again? YES
I believe the measurements explanation should be simpler: i have spent a lot of time measuring my body. Then when i entered the number it seems that i have to measure an actual shirt or the measurement i had given were not correct. I have still sent the order with the apprehension of a terrible unfit shirt. It came rather correct though but with the collar just a bit tight and the wrist a bit too loose. I will simply remove the buttons at the wrist and bring them closer.
— Vincent in San Francisco, CA
12/15/14 08:46PM
Would you order again? YES
Simple website interface and quick delivery. Advice: Measure twice. Have a friend take your measurements, and also measure your favourite shirt. It becomes much easier to estimate which size to order.
— Andrew in Toronto, Ontario
12/15/14 06:18PM
Would you order again? YES
I am very impressed with the way my shirt turned out! I am very trim have never had a shirt fit so close to the body. its everything Ive ever wanted. after some slight measurement modifications I already have another shirt on the way!
— Brandon in Kansas City, KS
12/15/14 05:52PM
Would you order again? YES
I'd recommend washing the shirts several times before confirming the fit is right. I'd also suggest adding a little extra room throughout as the shirts tend to shrink more than anticipated. I'd recommend not relying on the person measuring you to be right but rather make sure it feels ok regardless of the measurement. I also think it's easier to order from here if you're in NY. If you're not local, it becomes hard, it's time consuming and not that easy.
— Patrick in Menlo Park, CA
12/15/14 04:21PM
Would you order again? YES
Proper Cloth is great to work with. They make ordering your custom shirt really easy. I highly recommend taking the time to look at the instructional videos they provide on how to take your measurements. I found those very helpful.
— Barry in Highland Park, NJ
12/15/14 02:10PM
Would you order again? YES
Plead make sure the buttons are initially on right
— Frank in New York, NY
12/15/14 11:41AM
Would you order again? YES
Top button fell on on first wear, otherwise perfect.
— Krishna in Long Island City, NY
12/15/14 12:47AM
Would you order again? YES
good experience
— IGNACIO in Los Angelrs, CA
12/15/14 12:28AM
Would you order again? YES
I only buy shirts from Proper Cloth.
— Mark in Seattle, WA
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