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5/24/15 03:44PM
Would you order again? YES
Nice shirt. Fabric is very light weight and in pink is pretty see through, (e.g., shows undershirt).
— Jeremy in San Diego, CA
5/24/15 12:26PM
Would you order again? YES
Very intuitive website. Excellent fabric choices.
— Iliad in Ogden, UT
5/24/15 11:14AM
Would you order again? YES
My shirt came out perfectly, well beyond my expectations for my first try. Trust Proper Cloth's system, it works!
— Joseph in Chesterton, IN
5/24/15 09:16AM
Would you order again? YES
Give them a try I was very impressed with the fit
— Brian in Sugarloaf, PA
5/23/15 08:08PM
Would you order again? YES
another great shirt and great fit from Proper Cloth, no disappointments yet--5 shirts and counting!
— Douglas in Kansas City, MO
5/23/15 07:24PM
Would you order again? YES
Be sure and get your measurements right, they will vary by materials.
— Daniel in Northville, MI
5/23/15 06:45PM
Would you order again? YES
Don't hesitate to go in for a refitting after receiving the first shirt. The service is wonderful and they will make sure the fit is perfect.
— Morgan in New York, NY
5/23/15 05:26PM
Would you order again? YES
I'm in my forties and I'm sick of settling for less than I deserve. With Proper Cloth I don't have to settle. I can measure and fit and return for alterations until my shirt is exactly what I want it to be. My initial fitting was at the showroom in NY and my first shirt needed tweaking anyway—but Proper Cloth took my notes, made recommendations based on photos I emailed them, and remade the shirt for free. That's what I deserve, but no one's ever done that for me before. It's about time. Thanks, Proper Cloth.
— Jay in Saskatoon, SK
5/23/15 04:11PM
Would you order again? YES
I love the customer service and quality. I just wish the website was just a bit more intuitive. I would still recommend any one to order a tailored fit shirt though. Awesome.
— Glenn in Jamaica, NY
5/23/15 11:26AM
Would you order again? YES
I've been really happy with how high quality the shirts from PC are and have turned several friends on to them. For your first time with PC just know that you'll need to make changes after the first shirt, but once that's dialed in you can just keep ordering with ease.
— Michael in Brooklyn, NY
5/23/15 08:54AM
Would you order again? YES
Super simple process. They called me when a fabric became unavailable. Great service. Great shirts.
— kelton in san antonio, TX
5/23/15 08:38AM
Would you order again? YES
Great. Website and product are of the highest quality.
— Lance in Brooklyn, NY
5/23/15 01:45AM
Would you order again? YES
I like the options-especially larger cuff on watch arm
— charlie in Manhattan Beach, CA
5/22/15 11:04PM
Would you order again? YES
Have someone else measure for you. Once you order these shirts you will not wear your old shirts again!
— Simon in Burnaby, BC
5/22/15 10:21PM
Would you order again? YES
I love the shirts I have purchased. I have ordered custom shirts from 3 different vendors. I usually purchase the top fabrics. My shirts from PC are the best fitting and most luxurious. The few more dollars I have spent per shirt are worth it.
— Craig in Enid, OK
5/22/15 09:06PM
Would you order again? YES
Response to issues were fast and accurate. Great experience b
— john in Gonzales, LA
5/22/15 09:04PM
Would you order again? YES
For such a high tread count it still ended be wrinkly by the end of the day. The one positive thing was how soft to the touch it was.
— Lindsey in Dallas, TX
5/22/15 08:12PM
Would you order again? YES
I love your product and service. J Hilburn out, you guys are in as my standard shirt supplier. I have already recommended you guys to lots of people.
— Brad in Dallas, TX
5/22/15 07:46PM
Would you order again? YES
Overall, a great experience, but can take a few tries to get everything perfect.
— Dave in Downingtown, PA
5/22/15 06:37PM
Would you order again? YES
Not easy to correct a measurement mistake when entered the first time. It should be easier to edit your profile (sizes and measurements)
— Nelson in Elon, NC
5/22/15 04:46PM
Would you order again? YES
Quality materials, great workmanship!
— Michael in Round Rock, TX
5/22/15 03:49PM
Would you order again? YES
Great shirts!
— Devin in Austin, TX
5/22/15 02:54PM
Would you order again? YES
Be patient with the sizing. If your plan is to buy more shirts, size the first time, try on the shirt when you get it back, then make the final adjustments. After that, you should be good to go whenever you order a shirt.
— Judson in Wyomissing, PA
5/22/15 02:20PM
Would you order again? YES
The fabric was bold and precisely the color I wanted. As for the fit, it's perfect. I've never been so happy with a custom-made item.
— Trevor in Santa Cruz, CA
5/22/15 02:15PM
Would you order again? YES
As always, top notch service. Twelve shirts and counting!
— Gregory in Brooklyn, NY
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