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10/31/14 05:51PM
Would you order again? YES
I did find it difficult to confirm the design that I had ordered. In consequence I got a patterned collar the same as the shirt rather than white collar and cuffs. Probably my fault but as I say it was hard to confirm what I had ordered as sometimes the images did not show correctly. Otherwise very happy with product. It fits a treat. Many thanks Bob Jessopp PS no problems with the address this time, and it even came about 5 days early.
— Robert in Auckland,
10/31/14 05:47PM
Would you order again? YES
Have dozens of PC shirts. On the money every time once pattern dialed in. No a good way!
— Del in Albany, GA
10/31/14 04:40PM
Would you order again? YES
Extremely intuitive, nicely-organized, efficient, and with sufficient detail in the provided information (i.e. the specific measurements on each type of collar, the way a button placket or lack-there-of would end up) so that I felt very confident I knew what the finished product would look like. And it did indeed turn out just as hoped.
— Daniel in Chicago, IL
10/31/14 04:27PM
Would you order again? YES
Excellent service and product. The sizing for the first shirt that I ordered wasn't a good fit but it was easy to return and the 2nd shirt fits great. Now that I have the right fit, I definitely will be ordering more.
— William in Tulsa, OK
10/31/14 04:10PM
Would you order again? YES
great company
— Eddie in New York, NY
10/31/14 03:54PM
Would you order again? YES
Fit is close to perfect, although the chest is a little too tight. Fabric is not my favorite--it's not as soft as described and wrinkles very easily.
— Scott in Washington, DC
10/31/14 03:42PM
Would you order again? YES
The Blackwatch fabric is stunning. Best looking dress sport shirt I have ever owned!. The quality of the tailor work is excellent. Using the black buttons and collar and cuff lining provides a custom, expensive look that is very distinguished. Time will tell, but I wish I had added about 1/4 inch to all of my measurements, particularly the collar, to allow for fabric shrinkage.
— James in Henderson, NV
10/31/14 02:48PM
Would you order again? YES
Great fabrics and great fit.
— David in Montclair, NJ
10/31/14 02:12PM
Would you order again? YES
i love every shirt i have gotten from proper cloth. the fabrics, fit and design have been awesome.
— Ellen in Manhattan beach, CA
10/31/14 02:00PM
Would you order again? YES
I live in NYC, so I visited the store. My experience was great, but it's hard to really know how a fabric looks from a picture, so I'm glad I was able to see swatches in person.
— John in New York, NY
10/31/14 01:29PM
Would you order again? YES
The whole shirt design process is very intuitive and easy-to-use. If you are considering MTM, I'd suggest not only measuring a shirt that fits, but also doing some research to know what a well-fitting shirt should look like. I originally just measured my favorite shirt, but after getting the first shirt in, I realized that what I had been wearing all these years did not really fit. I made a few measurements and luckily was able to pinpoint the changes - the re-made shirt is definitely a better fit.
— Ryan in Carlsbad, CA
10/31/14 01:24PM
Would you order again? YES
I would advise being very honest with the salesperson you work with about the details you like or dislike. Don't be afraid to tell them you are new to bespoke clothing. I needed coaching since I was very inexperienced in bespoke shopping, and I had a great sales guy for that. All in all, great experience. I will be coming back.
— Nick in New York, NY
10/31/14 12:34PM
Would you order again? YES
I tell all my friends to order from Proper...
— Matthew in Mississauga, Ontario
10/31/14 12:05PM
Would you order again? YES
amazing, took me 3 shirts to get sizing perfect, but now I'm all set for the future
— Zachary in Branford, CT
10/31/14 12:04PM
Would you order again? YES
Very pleasant
— Donald in Beverly Hills, CA
10/31/14 12:01PM
Would you order again? YES
Awesome shirts!
— Rob in Churchton, MD
10/31/14 11:33AM
Would you order again? YES
It was a very good experience.
— Jay in Brooklyn, NY
10/31/14 11:28AM
Would you order again? YES
Amazing as usual
— Sam in Hartford, CT
10/31/14 11:22AM
Would you order again? YES
I have had a decent experiance with proper cloth, customer service is responsive costruction of the shirts seems decent. Most the fabric as been of pretty average quality.
— Troy in Brighton, CO
10/31/14 11:18AM
Would you order again? YES
I have only fitted the shirt and the fit feels very good. I need to wash & wear the shirt to get a true read on the finished garment. Initial reaction, however, is very positive.
— Craig in New York, NY
10/31/14 10:57AM
Would you order again? YES
Overall, excellent. I found one of the two fabrics I ordered to be rougher than expected, the other was fabulous.
— Sheran in Alexandria, VA
10/31/14 10:57AM
Would you order again? YES
Really happy with the consistency. Trust the fabric reviews!
— Will in Greenville, SC
10/31/14 10:56AM
Would you order again? YES
Missed the check box for shirt pocket on 2 of the shirts. Maybe a flag asking if deviation from past orders? I know you do this for size changes. Otherwise, excellent product!
— Thomas in Burr Ridge, IL
10/31/14 10:45AM
Would you order again? YES
It's a bit pricy
— Thomas in Boston, NY
10/31/14 10:35AM
Would you order again? YES
At first I was concern that the color I was picking would not be the color of the shirt. This was from past experience from other companies. This was not the case with Proper Cloth.
— Rayburn in chattanooga, TN
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