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1/30/15 04:10PM
Would you order again? YES
Great service!
— Rory in Cambridge, MA
1/30/15 03:54PM
Would you order again? YES
Shirt turned out to be shorter than my length specifications after the first wash. I emailed Proper Cloth, and they expedited another shirt so I could take it on my trip. I was extremely pleased by Proper Cloth's customer support, and the new shirt looks great!
— Adam in Miami, FL
1/30/15 03:53PM
Would you order again? YES
I never have to walk into a store to buy a short—hooray!
— Ted in Laguna Niguel, CA
1/30/15 03:36PM
Would you order again? YES
Fastest and friendliest customer service in the business. My shirts fit great, as always, and they arrived in exactly two weeks.
— Robert in Kingstree, SC
1/30/15 03:31PM
Would you order again? YES
Great site, fast delivery, excellent quality.
— Max in South Thomaston, ME
1/30/15 03:00PM
Would you order again? YES
I would make sure accurate body measurements are taken to ensure an initial proper fit. That being said, if anything is wrong with the first fit, re-measuring and re-cutting the shirt was a breeze.
— Arif in Chicago, IL
1/30/15 02:59PM
Would you order again? YES
The branding, website, tutorial videos, and customer service are spot on.
— Alex in Richardson, TX
1/30/15 02:51PM
Would you order again? YES
if you know your measurements this is awesome. If you don't - better get 'em! You'll never regret buying a shirt from here.
— Kyle in Denver, NC
1/30/15 01:30PM
Would you order again? YES
Great experience, very accomodating and so many styles/fabrics to choose from
— Joe in Long Beach, NY
1/30/15 01:28PM
Would you order again? YES
Definitely launder shirt to see actual size before making further orders.
— Evan in Charleston, SC
1/30/15 12:55PM
Would you order again? YES
Good customer service. My first order was a wrinkle free shirt that fits well and holds up well. My second order, I forgot to order wrinkle free. I've worn only wrinkle free for 10 years so I just overlooked that part by mistake and wound up with two non-wrinkle-free shirts. They are EXTREMELY wrinkly. After an hour at the office the wrinkles go so severe that I left to buy a shirt at the nearby department store. I will get them starched to help alleviate the problem, but I can't imagine all non-wrinkle free shirts are this bad. I'll order from you guys again but I'll have to be careful about selecting the wrinkle free fabrics.
— Sunil in Austin, TX
1/30/15 12:30PM
Would you order again? YES
I went for a second fitting after my first shirt following my initial order. I needed the neck expanded from 18" but the fitting specialist said I should just add a 1/2 inch slope shoulder forward. Sadly, this last shirt does not fit 100% perfectly, but I know now exactly what adjustments need to be made. It took two shirts instead of one, but going forward, I anticipate more quality, well fitting products. Still extremely happy with the process, selection, and quality.
— Phil in New York, NY
1/30/15 12:17PM
Would you order again? YES
wow awesome shirt & company..Did the create a custom size online and it worked out perfect!! cant wait to order my next shirt. will not be ordering generic (non custom) shirts ever again. kept ripping elbows because the shirts never fit my unique frame properly. if you have broad shoulders and a small waist, you must try their shirts!!!
— michael in Brewster, NY
1/30/15 11:46AM
Would you order again? YES
Great service and product, as always
— David in Des Moines, IA
1/30/15 11:28AM
Would you order again? YES
Once you've nailed your size down, it's dangerously easy to order awesome shirts with just a few button clicks.
— Ben in Albuquerque, NM
1/30/15 11:08AM
Would you order again? YES
Customer Service was key. Also, definitely review the fabric reviews when making your selection. I am very happy with my PC experience overall.
— Anthony in Yardley, PA
1/30/15 10:44AM
Would you order again? YES
I am really impressed with shirts I have ordered so far
— John in Pittsburgh, PA
1/30/15 10:24AM
Would you order again? YES
This just might be the best fitting shirt I have in my current wardrobe. I will most certainly be ordering more, and in fact, I might just do so now...
— Brian in Westminster, MA
1/30/15 10:24AM
Would you order again? YES
Use a shirt you love to measure size from
— Daniel in New York, NY
1/30/15 10:19AM
Would you order again? YES
The fit is consistent and ridiculously good.
— Mark in New York, NY
1/30/15 10:09AM
Would you order again? YES
Proper cloth and their staff are fantastic to deal with. I tend to overthink details and their staff have been incredibly helpful whenever I ask questions. I highly recommend them to everyone looking for quality shirts.
— Thomas in Alexandria, VA
1/30/15 10:08AM
Would you order again? YES
Excellent purchasing experience due to fabric choices, speed of delivery, cost of product and build quality. With two fit profiles now created, business and casual, I will order all of my shirts through PC and will look the better for it.
— Robert in Park City, UT
1/30/15 10:02AM
Would you order again? YES
F***ing awesome shirt - delays on shipping were a little annoying, but the shirt is awesome and you guys took good care of me, so I'm a satisfied customer :)
— Adam in Melrose, MA
1/29/15 11:45PM
Would you order again? YES
I stopped by the store and it was very helpful to have them take my measurements. Ordering and alteration were both easy.
— Nick in West New York, NJ
1/29/15 08:03PM
Would you order again? YES
— Gabriel in New York, NY
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