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9/2/14 11:54AM
Would you order again? YES
So far my experience has been outstanding overall. The fit is absolutely perfect and the staff has been nothing but helpful with measuring, alterations to my order, and fabric recommendations. I will definitely be back.
— Michael in Astoria, NY
9/2/14 11:48AM
Would you order again? YES
Affordable, quality shirts that fit. What's not to love?
— Andrew in New York, NY
9/2/14 09:43AM
Would you order again? YES
You will forever more be my go-to for M2M shirts. This experience has been nothing but great. Thanks for another great shirt!
— Quinn in New York, NY
9/2/14 09:29AM
Would you order again? YES
Proper Cloth provides an excellent service: the ordering process is a dream, the customer service is great, and the shirts turn out beautifully. I couldn't be more satisfied. I look forward to my next order!
— Quinn in New York, NY
9/1/14 10:39PM
Would you order again? YES
9/1/14 10:01PM
Would you order again? YES
My entire wardrobe of button-down shirts is PC, and I will continue to order from here. A+ shirts, fit, and website.
— Anthony in San Antonio, TX
9/1/14 07:40PM
Would you order again? YES
I made my first order almost a year and a half ago and I was sold from the start. Proper Cloth allows me to create a shirt with a custom fit and include any of the details that I prefer all at an off the rack price. They provide a both a great product and service.
— Gary in New York, NY
9/1/14 05:13PM
Would you order again? YES
The concept is great, as is the product. I did have an issue with one shirt that was simply not delivered for several weeks. That was a pain, but the customer service staff were responsive and helpful and we got it sorted out in the end. Despite this hick-up, I was left with a very favourable impression of this company, and will definitely order from them again.
— Gordon in Toronto, Ontario
9/1/14 04:36PM
Would you order again? YES
i would recommend a personal fitting. The PC system provides dozens of personal fitting points, many of them are hard to figure out by yourself. i went to the store and asked for help and was delighted with the result. My first half dozen shirts have met all of my expectations. i will be ordering all of my shirts from the web site now that i have figured out how to order.
— Daniel in Northville, MI
9/1/14 02:13PM
Would you order again? YES
Great experience fit and finish is top notch and the turn around time is just great.
— Jimmy in San Jose, CA
9/1/14 12:44PM
Would you order again? YES
Ordered 5 or 6 shirts so far and I've been very pleased with every one. Very fair price, great fit, reasonable turn-around time.
— Chris in Hopkinton, MA
9/1/14 12:08PM
Would you order again? YES
Always a wonderful experience. Excellent fabrics. Enjoy the customizable experience. Responsive customer service. Highly recommended
— Frank in Brooklyn, NY
9/1/14 07:45AM
Would you order again? YES
The fit of the shirts is outstanding based on self measurement. Read the reviews for the fabrics for the best sense of what the fabric will be like in terms of thickness and how much it wrinkles.
— Christian in Roslindale, MA
8/31/14 08:36PM
Would you order again? YES
Once you have your fit dialed in, the possibilities are an endless,
— Sean in Charlotte, NC
8/31/14 03:55PM
Would you order again? YES
Great shirt. Great customer service.
— Alan in New York, NY
8/31/14 03:08PM
Would you order again? YES
Very good experience. Website is well-designed, with plenty of information to lead a beginner through the process of selecting fabrics, obtaining measurements, and selecting features. Customer service was very prompt in answering questions. Will order from Proper Cloth again.
— Robert in Burke, VA
8/31/14 02:30PM
Would you order again? YES
Improve the virtual display of what the shirt would look like. The 3d rendering of the shirt always looked terrible and not like anything I would want to wear. Include all the different collar types, and find a way to make the fabrics look good. Consider a 3d view with the shirt spread out as well (instead of folded up like in a store)
— Andrew in San Francisco, CA
8/31/14 10:26AM
Would you order again? YES
always great shirts, great value
— charles in louisville, KY
8/30/14 10:18PM
Would you order again? YES
Take the time to look closely at the videos and other instructions re fit. They are really well done and a good result comes from properly following them.
— Alister in Clayfield, QLD
8/30/14 05:15PM
Would you order again? YES
This was a great site for customizing my hubby's shirt because his waist is so small and his shoulders are so big. A big thank you. Gin Miller--Inventor, step aerobics
— gin in woodstock, GA
8/30/14 12:47PM
Would you order again? YES
Nice fabric. Interesting that it has visible weave and texture but still looks very dressy. Only had time to wear it once. I'll see how it is after the first wash or two. Seems to breath alright especially considering how thick it is.
— Matthew in Brooklyn, NY
8/30/14 11:15AM
Would you order again? YES
Experience was very good once I learned how to measure a shirt and how to use website features.
— Michael in Minneapolis, MN
8/30/14 09:58AM
Would you order again? YES
Good service, well constructed shirt.
— John in Edmonton, Alberta
8/30/14 09:41AM
Would you order again? YES
I am excited. I think I have found my shirt store.
— Gregory in Presque Isle, ME
8/29/14 10:47PM
Would you order again? YES
Great experience
— Oliver in westlake, OH
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