Proper Cloth custom dress shirts come with one of the fastest delivery guarantees you can find. Standard delivery is 10-16 days. If you need to have a custom dress shirt rushed to you for a special occasion, just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. We promise you'll get a response right away.

We send out shipments once/week via FedEx. This calendar can help you understand exactly when your custom made shirt will ship and when you'll actually have it in your hands.

*Thursday delivery is guaranteed, although Wednesday delivery is typical for most cities.
**Note that this delivery schedule applies to orders shipping to US, Canada and members of the EU only.

Be sure to note that this calendar shows shipping dates for orders placed before noon.
Other international orders will have a longer lead-time and arrive via USPS.

International Flat Shipping Rates
Canada $15

Australia $30
New Zealand $30

Austria $15
Belgium $15
Bulgaria $15
Croatia $15
Cyprus $15
Czech Republic $15
Denmark $15
Estonia $15
Finland $15
France $15
Germany $15
Greece $15
Hungary $15
Ireland $15
Italy $15
Lithuania $15
Luxembourg $15
Malta $15
Netherlands $15
Norway $15
Poland $15
Portugal $15
Romania $15
Slovakia $15
Slovenia $15
Spain $15
Sweden $15
United Kingdom $15

Hong Kong $100
China $100
Taiwan $100
Singapore $100
Philippines $100

South America:
Brazil $100
Argentina $100

Russia $100